Shetler's Discount Grocery 
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At Shetler's Discount Grocery, we purchase truckloads of mostly groceries from other food brokers and insurance companies. When trucks have food items and perishables, they can become undeliverable to the stores for various reasons, allowing us to step in and purchase the truckload. We can then offer it to you at a discounted price. We are also buyers of closeout and discontinued food items, both in perishables and nonperishables. 

Discount Grocery
We carry a large variety of foods we have purchased and resell at a discounted price. From beef patties to paper products, these are perfect products in most cases. Dry groceries, as well as canned goods are available, but there may be a small dent in a can. We also offer seconds and discontinued items.

We purchase right off the truck like most other stores. Fruits and vegetables of all types are available, including peaches, apples, bananas, strawberries, pears, watermelon, onions, tomatoes, and potatoes.
Frozen Foods
Choose from many types of microwaveable foods at discounted price. Frozen pies individually sealed inside box at a discounted price to save you money. We also have frozen dinners, pizzas, spiral hams, hamburger patties, chicken patties and breasts.

Bulk Foods
Save money buying in bulk. We offer baking supplies, including flours, sugars, and baking sodas that larger stores don't carry in bulk. We also carry a full line of spices for all your baking and cooking needs. You'll also find nuts, such as peanuts and sesame seeds.